It might surprise you to learn just how much the weather can affect our bodies.

It might surprise you to learn just how much humidity can affect our bodies, says Michael A Gleiber MD, writer for the Huffington Post. He explains that our joints contain sensory nerves called baroreceptors, that respond to changes in the weather.  For example, when the weather is rainy and damp, the barometric pressure drops, causing our tendons, ligaments, and muscles to expand.  However, for those who already have muscle or joint pain, expansion in the muscles, tendons, and ligaments can irritate the already-sensitive areas.

High humidity levels can eventually lead to a loss of body fluid and dehydration. Joint cartilage and the discs in our spine have high water content, and dehydration can decrease the concentration of fluid, agitating any arthritis that may be present.

Along with drinking lots of water, read the full article to find out what you can do to ease the effects of humidity.