Gerri H

Dr. Walker is the best Doctor trained in osteopathic medicine. I was in a lot of pain before going to see him and I can say that I am a lot better now. Dr. Walker understands what I have been going through and takes the time to listen to me. I truly feel that he cares.

Scharel J

Dr. Walker was extremely compassionate regarding my condition. He took the time to explain it to me in a way that I would understand and helped to treat my condition and diminish my pain where others before him had failed.

Maria G

I was very pleased with Dr. Walkers approach. He discussed various treatment options and gave his personal recommendation for what he thought would help with me the most. He made adjustments to my pain medications in a way that gave me better relief. He also gave me specific exercises to help with my problem. When my pain got better, he treated me with acupuncture which I was initially skeptic of but was very surprised at how it helped to further diminish my pain and also my reliance on pain medications. Most importantly, I am happy that I am able to play with my grandchildren again without being in so much pain.

Anthony L

Dr. Walker is very knowledgeable with pain management and has come up with treatment options for my back pain which I never thought existed or were even possible. I feel that he is a great physician who takes the time to get to know his patients and thoroughly goes through different treatments with them. He also takes great care to make me feel as comfortable as possible.

Dolores G

I was in so much pain, even with pain killers physical therapy was excruciating. Doctor Walker gave me cortisone injections for my knees which helped my pain tremendously. I don’t know how I could’ve managed without him.

Francis K

I could barely walk from my low back pain, once Dr. Walker evaluated my situation, he was able to prescribe medications and give insight into how I should change my activities. Now I am back on my feet walking pain free again. I’m hopeful that I can continue to get better so that I can exercise more.


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